What We Are Doing Archive

UC Irvine actively engages the community to foster a civil dialogue on campus. The exercise and protection of freedom of speech and expression are at the core of the University’s mission of teaching, research, and public service. Equally so is our commitment to modeling respectful dialogue. The following activities are samples of our ongoing efforts to address free speech, academic freedom, and civility in a multitude of venues including programs, meetings, social gatherings and public statements.

The Olive Tree Initiative: A diverse group of University of California, Irvine students visited the Middle East in September 2008 where they heard perspectives from Israeli and Palestinian academics, community leaders, and activists with firsthand knowledge of the conflict.

The mission of the journey is to gain knowledge beyond what is received through secondhand information and mainstream media to hear directly from Israelis and Palestinians, and to share this learning with the community. These students have organized dialogues, meetings and student leadership summits.